view Panglao, Mactan and Cebu from the top. Can’t fly? Think again.


Parasailing is a sport involving a parachute and a boat. A person is attached to a parachute and then tied to a motorboat, which drives off, getting, and keeping, the person off the ground. It is considered a hobby rather than a sport by many people, since the person on the parachute has no control over movement and speed and therefore becomes simply a passenger. Some countries perform parasailing without a boat, by attaching the person to a land vehicle. This is, however, considered more dangerous, and only recommended to those who have some experience beforehand.

Created in the 1970s, parasailing is a relatively new sport. It was started by a father who wanted to try something new as family entertainment. Brian Gaskin eventually designed his own parachute, the “Waterbird,” and funded the first parasailing company. “Waterbird Parakites” is now the number one producer in the world of equipment for this sport.


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