The speed boat is skippered by our Philippine Coast Guard Captain, he will tow you through the waters where you will hang on and try desperately not to fall off. If you do its not a problem as all riders are provided with USCG life jackets and the boat captain will immediately pick you up and continue on this incredible ride.

 TRIVIA: A speed boat is any variety of engine-powered boat that is designed to go exceptionally fast. The speed boat may feature an inboard or outboard motor, and the shape of the hull and deck of the boat is often designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Some speed boats are designed to allow the driver of the boat to sit inside a cockpit that is also aerodynamically designed to reduce wind resistance. Other designs feature a sunken cockpit and seating area for a driver and a few passengers. These boats do not usually go quite as fast, though they are good for recreational purposes.

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