Try something new- NIGHT PARASAILING

When we heard about night parasailing in cebu, we thought of just how lovely the Queens Necklace would look from a bird’s eye view. What we found out next, was that we’d be hooked on to a L.E.D lit chute!

What: Night parasailing at the Mactan,Cebu is a new venture and definitely takes the effort to bring something new to Mumbai’s ‘night’ life. You’re whisked away in a boat, about 10 minutes out at sea, and strapped on to a beautifully lit chute. For people waiting in line, the site of the glowing chute makes it even more exciting.

It’s worth every minute, being privy to a breath-taking view of city and sea, but we just wished it could’ve lasted longer than just 5 minutes.

You must:  Fly solo; there’s no other feeling that matches soaring through the air, with the comforting lights of the city surrounding you.

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  1. Jhoana says:

    one of a kind experience..^_^

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